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monster8505Once again I come to the point minecraft is boring! I am a full planetside 2 player now! Take note: any /care comments I /care. They are old and un funny
oʇɐʇod   I'm pretty sure that everybody has been looking forward to this.
The Best mamme   2bad you lagg on planetside
Spoiwk   The funny thing is that we came up with /care, your faction took advantage of it and uses it, and now are you saying its unfunny because its old? Well that escalated quickly.
SpoiwkPaying ppl to ddos how pathetic.
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FriedGummyWormHAPPY BIRTHDAY raikiel!!!!!!!
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yolomcazoim fuckin boared out ma mind
FriedGummyWorm   I normally go to the store and put random things in peoples carts... But thats just me.
The Best mamme   go steal your dads creditcard instead of your mothers
yolomcazofire everywere wht is dis server coming to
The Best mamme   Save that to the court.
[Mod] patybear   /fireball
FriedGummyWorm   I love fire :d LETS GET BURNINGGGGGG
yolomcazohow does this work were did da fie come from
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FriedGummyWorm   lol There's just so much of it xD
little kid fucking dies
i.. i c-couldnt save him...
Skorpion69unforum banned :d

take out combat tag. i dont like almost losing my stuff to ddos
oʇɐʇod   What the hell is unform
FriedGummyWorm   unforum... as in its not a forum post?
cindyylol   guys guys let me handle this.. "forum unbanned" *
screamingaxeTo Pro hackers.
What does PR#6 do?
And on what OS?
oʇɐʇod   Loads the bootstrap code for the disk drive.
Apple II.
screamingaxe   its also the command to tell the printer to print
The Best mamme   Better back off before screaming uses hes haxxing 1337 anonymouse powers.
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Donation Shop Updates

[Admin] pieman125 aCo-Owner posted Dec 28, 13
There have been updates to the Donation Shop. 

FOR RANK UPGRADES-  If you already have a donator rank, and would like to upgrade to a higher one, the donation shop is now capable of doing just that. 

 On the ranks panel in the Donation shop, all donations add up. For example, if you donated for Noble for $10 and later wanted to upgrade to Barron which is $20, it would only actually cost you $10  since your past donations add up. This only applies to Ranks, and not items on the "Other" tab (/jump, bedrock, etc...). There is no longer a need to ask a staff member, to upgrade your rank after you donated, if you use this system.

For items other than ranks If you cannot find items such as Access to mob disguises or 32 bedrock, make sure to check the 'Other' tab in the donation shop. 

More updates to come.
Blaetrix1 lol you banned me for nothing your a great owner !
jrkuthy Keep up the good work pie guy

Hello All!

[Admin] pieman125 aCo-Owner posted Dec 27, 13
There will be some changes to the website in the near future; nothing major, but updates that should upgrade performance and convenience to all users! If you notice anything important missing, do not panic, it is most likely being updated and will return when it is saved.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation 

Judominer1 pie i am being cyber bullied
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