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[Mod] cindyylolHello everyone!

So if you have recently been reading the forum threads, you would know that Ben suggested that we have a PvP tournament! If you don't know what I'm talking about, well go ahead and hop over to that thread for more detail on this event.

Paty, Emily, and I are working on that right now and we're having excellent progress. We will be presenting it to everyone once we are officially finished. Although, in order to be completely finished with both the building arenas and the roster pair ups, we need to know a rough estimate of how many people will be there.

So whether or not you are guaranteed you're going to risk everything in the world to attend this, or you are just merely interested into joining this tournament, please comment below. Comment only on this post for entries and not on the forum thread. The deadline of signing up we're aiming for is July 21st, but if you are dying to enter and sign up after there may be a way we can add you in.

Before you ask any questions, please read the forum post named "PvP Tournament" and this post again to be completely sure of what's going on. However for any further questions feel free to ask in the forum thread, or directly to me, Paty, or Emily. Thank you!
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jusje4   i wanna join
PoliticalFishrag   I will enter
Ninja_of_Camo   il join
[Admin] pieman125 Co-OwnerSaintscraft now has a Space Engineers server. Just look for Saintscraft on the server list.
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hi_guy_1012   hop* .-.
[Mod] emilyyy907   um :o ^
[Mod] cindyylol   i mean on the server but kay c: honestly you're just mad you advertised and i didn't let it go like all of your friends wanted l0l
Nicksimum   #rekt
[Mod] cindyylol   aw be nice
Scorponox123   He's joking, dumbass. We don't have Macro, lel.
Jet_Green   Nice ms paint skills
BigBoss2787if you have no drop do you still have to pay $40?
BigBoss2787   for royal
Ben   yes
[Admin] pieman125 Co-OwnerDon't worry, I still love you.
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! oʇɐʇod | 4chanClan | #Don   Sure about that?
[Mod] cindyylol   you may be a different case alowe
[Mod] Matt5015I got this when Var and i killed ImSlenderManz in Risk World ;)
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lizzylittle   lol
RipLylMirin faggots?
BENPDR10He said way more than this btw.
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yolomcazo   at me
[Admin] JillGeeRAWRd   I mean, Jewish people were typically bankers, so the gold coins part is true....
Lost3039   i mean this really isn't that bad...
ImSlenderManzJrkuthy im playing the highrisk world but I tested a piece of tnt to see if it would blow up the blocks and it did nothing I firgured this out because of a crepper that blew up and did nothing plz fix it ?
[Admin] JillGeeRAWRd   We will get right on it. Thank you for informing us!
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Donation Shop Updates

[Admin] pieman125 aCo-Owner posted Dec 28, 13
There have been updates to the Donation Shop. 

FOR RANK UPGRADES-  If you already have a donator rank, and would like to upgrade to a higher one, the donation shop is now capable of doing just that. 

 On the ranks panel in the Donation shop, all donations add up. For example, if you donated for Noble for $10 and later wanted to upgrade to Barron which is $20, it would only actually cost you $10  since your past donations add up. This only applies to Ranks, and not items on the "Other" tab (/jump, bedrock, etc...). There is no longer a need to ask a staff member, to upgrade your rank after you donated, if you use this system.

For items other than ranks If you cannot find items such as Access to mob disguises or 32 bedrock, make sure to check the 'Other' tab in the donation shop. 

More updates to come.
Blaetrix1 @ FACTIONS
lol you banned me for nothing your a great owner !
[Admin] jrkuthy Keep up the good work pie guy

Hello All!

[Admin] pieman125 aCo-Owner posted Dec 27, 13
There will be some changes to the website in the near future; nothing major, but updates that should upgrade performance and convenience to all users! If you notice anything important missing, do not panic, it is most likely being updated and will return when it is saved.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation 

Judominer1 pie i am being cyber bullied
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